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How to avoid new build ‘nightmare house’ in Denver

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You probably have heard of the horror stories where a homeowner faces an onslaught of maintenance and home improvement problems while remodeling. There are plenty of articles that warn of new build ‘nightmare house’ projects that went from bad to worse. Yes, it could happen to you. As a home buyer, you may be left with a home that is not as suitable as you might have originally thought.

 Most people do not realize is that the majority of these items are pre-existing problems. Where an older home or already built home was just sitting undisturbed. Uncovering problems in a home is commonplace but there are things you as a homebuyer can look out for to make sure you are protected.   

Identify the “real” problems of your home


If there is one thing that can literally flood a home remodel with issues, it would be water. Any type of water leak could result in lasting damage that can spread inconvenient ways. Not only that, but the process to add any new construction would also require a homeowner to remediate all damaged areas. When walking a home always keep an eye out for the plumbing and make sure it is watertight.


Older homes have seen the passage of time, and over the course of the years business practices have changed. Some buildings no longer use brick while others have moved on to better-rated insulation. Asbestos is commonly found in older sheet flooring products and home insulations. A simple home inspection from a certified and licensed professional can turn around results within a couple of days. If large amounts are found a homebuyer can seek options for the seller to remediate it or make concessions.


Every home needs a healthy foundation. Often, people who are renovating older homes will come across some weathered foundations. The ground underneath and around a building can give away little by little which will translate to stress damage to concrete structural foundations. Commonly, cracks and warping will be visible on exposed concrete forms. This is obviously not ideal for anyone. The homeowner will have to address that problem before continuing any remodeling of their basement or adding an additional structure to the home. 

Being a homebuyer requires an attentive eye for detail and foresight. If the home you are looking at is not a new build be sure to keep an eye out for some imperfections on the property. Water leak, structural issues, and hazardous materials are the key components of a nightmare house. A solid home inspection and real estate agent representing you will be key to ensuring you find the right and safe home for you.