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How to Visualize Your Future Space

Avoid visual nightmares in your house

So… You’ve decided that your home needs a bit of facelift. Maybe take out a cabinet here or there, switch the color palettes, etc. But let’s say you are having difficulty visualizing how that basement remodel you been planning. The amount of options finishes a homeowner can choose for their renovation can be overwhelming. However, there are some tools and tips available to you to help hone in on what your ideal home vision is.

The Measured Approach

There is that saying, measure twice and cut once, tried and true. This approach is the good ole’ fashioned way to establish a baseline of what your remodel or renovation can be. Also, it provides some very detailed measurements which should give you an edge when estimating costs. It’s pretty straight forward here, get a tape measure and find that total square footage of the floors and walls. Make sure to take detailed notes about the room and its features, if you can be sure to draw up a representation of the space. Don’t forget about windows, doors, and other features that take up space. With this info, you are now better equipped to see what can and can’t fit inside that space and draw up some layouts that fit your needs. You might come to some realizations; like that double-wide, French door fridge won’t fit in the kitchen but you can have an island countertop with barstools…

Lookbooks Are A Great Source

Remember all that literature and pamphlets at hardware stores and showrooms? Chances are you have taken a look one or two and found something truly inspiring for your home. An entire bathroom remodels can be started with a single vanity sink. Even more, Pinterest or other online aggregators have thousands of home inspiration ideas. Go ahead and creat yourself a lookbook of a good selection for what you want your home to have and look like. But be mindful, you do not want to get out of control with the sources or you may never be able to agree on anything.

Identifying your needs and wants

Once you have the general idea of what you want your remodel to be like, start making a list of must-have each your room should contain. Think about what you absolutely need out of this remodel and what you can make concessions on. Do you need that oversized island in the kitchen? Do you need that wine fridge in the office? Once you identify the actual needs of your newly envisioned space you can make cuts to the finishes you have listed.

Hire a professional

Sometimes it is better to hire a professional to assist you with all the aesthetics of a project. Interior designers, architects, and more are available to make your vision come true. Even better, they can continue to work with the general contractor or construction company to make sure that everything is accounted for from the design aspect of your home project.